At Cable Huston, we believe that fostering the diversity of our firm makes our office vibrant and each member of our office stronger, enhancing our ability to serve clients with greater perspective, creativity, and innovation. Accordingly, we are committed to creating and supporting a work environment that reflects an appreciation and understanding of (and respect for) the diversity of our employees. This is regardless of their age, sex, race, religion, national origin, physical ability or sexual orientation. Our commitment is reflected in all aspects of the operation of Cable Huston, including hiring, retention, promotion, benefits, administration, advancement and placement of all employees and partners.

Our first goal is to build awareness within Cable Huston of the value of diversity, not just at our firm, but throughout the legal profession.

Our second goal is to seek diversity in the recruitment of lawyers and other professional staff. To this end, we will remove barriers that would prevent lawyers and professional staff from accessing positions in the legal field.

Our third goal is to increase the retention and advancement of minority and women lawyers and staff. We will focus on fostering a work environment that allows minorities and women to thrive in advancing their legal careers. We will endeavor to achieve a greater representation of minority and women lawyers in the firm, assist our minority and women clients and lawyers to develop mutually rewarding business relationships and foster an understanding and appreciation of workplace diversity.

Our commitment to diversity is long term and will be evidenced day-by-day, month-by-month, and year-by-year. While the programs and methods to achieve these goals may vary over time, our commitment to diversity will not.

Cable Huston is committed to supporting and sponsoring events promoting diversity in the legal profession in Oregon and Washington, and providing legal services to a diverse client base. Some representative examples include:

  • Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs
  • Oregon Hispanic Bar Association
  • Oregon State Bar’s Opportunities for Law in Oregon
  • Oregon Women Lawyers
  • Women in Commercial Real Estate 

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