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Cable Huston is a Portland-based boutique law firm representing some of Oregon’s largest organizations, including multinational corporations, professional sports teams, public utilities and municipalities. We represent high profile clients and pride ourselves on maintaining a nimble and dynamic approach to legal advocacy — as such, we provide a full-suite of legal offerings to estates, companies, and individuals alike.

The Cable Huston Advantage

  • High-Quality Representation

    Cable Huston’s boutique law firm mentality — controlled costs and distinctive representation is chiseled into the very bedrock of our firm. We are committed to providing exemplary legal advocacy without the typical large firm negatives. Our low overhead allows us offer our services at competitive, regional rates, but also allows us to dedicate more time to each of our clients and become experts on their specific needs, goals, concerns, and motivations.

    Over the years, our boutique approach to legal representation has molded us into personable advocates capable of guiding individuals and businesses through complicated transactional and litigation-related issues year after year. We see clients as equal partners — not customers.

  • End-to-End Service

    We offer a full suite of legal services. Unlike many of our boutique competitors, we are not a niche law firm with narrowed specialization (i.e., employment law, regulatory, etc.) — we provide comprehensive, end-to-end representation ranging from transactional assistance and litigation, to business planning and organizational assistance. Further, our team encompasses attorneys who have specialized in a variety of practice areas, including tax and estate matters.

    We create deep partnerships with many of our clients that last for more than the length of a single legal matter Our goal is to engage with clients at multiple levels and get to know their business inside-and-out, allowing us hone in on their needs. Via our provision of truly comprehensive, end-to-end representation, we are well equipped to identify issues as they arise, and thus avoid the hassle and expense of extended litigation.

    Our attorneys have developed a knack for drafting airtight unambiguous agreements, reducing the possibility of dispute. From the litigation-side we seek pre-litigation solutions — but stand ready and committed to take it to the limit on our client’s behalf.

  • Personalized Representation

    Personalization is key at Cable Huston. Our focus is on prioritizing the client, so we make ourselves readily available and approachable. We tailor our advocacy to each client’s unique wants and needs. Whether it’s a non-commercial or commercial client, we dig deep — getting to truly know and understand their unique concerns — so that we can provide advice on both a strategic and tactical level. We position to act quickly and decisively, consistent with the client’s own purpose.

    Effective personalized representation is not possible, however, without direct access and transparency. We collaborate with clients at every stage of engagement — not just the beginning. We are committed to interacting with clients as collaborative partners every step of the way.

    With commercial clients, for example, we invest substantial time and effort in understanding what makes their business “tick.” We strive to learn everything we can about our clients’ business that will aid our representation, for example PR pressure points, what drives their market, short-term and long-term market strategy, corporate history, and more. Once we’ve educated ourselves on these aspects we are well-positioned to identify “key risks” and provide more effective advocacy.. Simply put, direct access fundamentally enables personalized, highly-tailored representation. It keeps us nimble.

  • Experience in the Corporate Setting

    Here at Cable Huston, many of our attorneys have experience at both the executive and management levels from prior work with large multinational corporations. Our team is uniquely equipped to understand all aspects of a client’s business and to develop rapid insights on how best to proceed with legal representation (while keeping in mind the business-related concerns). Unlike many other boutique firms, our attorneys are accustomed to the competitive, structured, and results-oriented atmosphere typical of high-end corporate workplaces, and as such, we integrate easily, making us ideal partners as you move forward with the development of long-term legal strategy.

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Who We Are

Cable Huston was founded in 1990, as Cable Huston Benedict Haagensen & Lloyd, and organized for the purpose of providing exceptional legal service to a wide range of clients —without the costs, bureaucracy, and inaccessibility typical of high-end representation law firms. Over the years, we have not strayed far from the “boutique” law firm ideal, and our unwavering commitment to a client-oriented approach enables us to provide industry-leading service without imposing undue pressure on the attorney-client partnership.

If you’re interested in learning more about our services, we encourage you to get in touch at your earliest convenience. Call (503) 224-3092 or submit an online message to request an appointment.

We look forward to assisting you.

If you're interested in learning more about our services,
we encourage you to get in touch at your earliest convenience.

(503) 224-3092

or submit an online message to request an appointment.

We look forward to working with you.