Mitigating Tort Liability for Utility Pole Owners and Occupants

Thu 3 Dec, 2015 / by / General

In 2007, CATV subcontractor Sifa Tuiaki was working in an elevated bucket installing fiber optic lines, when the truck made a sharp turn — causing Tuiaki to contact a 7,200-volt power line. He was burned over 45 percent of his body, paralyzed, and had both arms partially amputated. Tuiaki ultimately negotiated a $29 million settlement agreement with multiple defendants.

In another case, a major electric utility was required to pay $740 million in 2009 to settle claims arising out of a wildfire, which was caused when overlashed communications lines broke and contacted the electric utility’s primary.

Accidents involving utility poles can happen at any time. And when they do, the potential legal liability of the utility pole owner…..Read More

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