Jon Monson Quoted By National Law Journal on Recent Controversy Between Donald J. Trump & Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe

Wed 24 Aug, 2016 / by / General

Cable Huston partner Jon W. Monson was recently quoted by the National Law Journal in an August 19, 2016 article discussing a recent Twitter comment made about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump by nationally-renowned Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe. The article, entitled “Laurence Tribe Takes on Twitter Bar Over Trump Tweet,” discusses Mr. Tribe’s comments about Mr. Trump and the ensuing controversy they generated about the attorney-client privilege and proper scope of an attorney’s ethical duties of confidentiality.

Mr. Monson is a partner is Cable Huston’s litigation, appellate, and sports and entertainment practice groups. He serves as Cable Huston’s in-house ethics counsel and as an appointed member of the Oregon State Bar’s Legal Ethics Committee. He has spoken, written articles, and counseled numerous clients about complex privilege issues, in particular in the context of privileged internal corporate investigations conducted by in-house or outside counsel.

Read “Laurence Tribe Takes on Twitter Bar Over Trump Tweet,” published August 19, 2016.

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